CIBSE Certified Heat Network Consultants who put the clients needs first.
We understand how heat networks are designed, installed, commissioned and how they should be operated and maintained to maximise efficiency.

We are comfortable with all technical aspects of heat networks including plant rooms, metering / billing regulations and modern BMS control methods including cloud based optimisation.

We understand the contract process and have extensive experience working with Clients, Consulting Engineers and Contractors. We are happy to look at ‘trouble shooting’ problematic projects including bringing all stakeholders together to achieve the objective.

Our Technical Director Alistair Moore is an active member of CIBSE West Midlands Committee with an emphasis on training.

Decarbonisation Advice

Integrating decarbonisation solutions into new and legacy heat networks requires a full understanding of the BMS controls philosophy for the project. Decarbonisation solutions should be the default energy supplier to your heat network. We understand how to integrate these products effectively into your project.

Services available

We can provide Heat Network training to suit your needs including:

  • Technical Heat Network training to prepare your staff for CIBSE CP1.2 2020 Code Of Practice exams.
  • CPD presenter training and CPD writing assistance.
  • General heat network design theory based around the Danish Industry Standards DS439 and CIBSE CP1.2 2020 Heat Networks Code of Practice.
  • On site commissioning and maintenance training including preparing bespoke CIBSE Code W checklists.

Help with Clients legal obligations:

  • Metering and billing regulations 2014 requirements.
  • Notifying the government of your heat network performance. This is a requirement every four years. Any building with a central energy plant room delivering heat to individual consumers is a heat network. Every heat network that went live before July 2016 is due now.
  • Energy meter and billing system / provider audits.

Heat Network acceptance testing:

  • Does the installation meet the regulations and comply with CP1 Heat Networks Code of Practice?
  • Has the network been installed as per the approved design?
  • Does it perform to the clients brief and is it fit for purpose?
  • Bespoke acceptance testing process, contractor liaison and witnessing service available.

Heat Network Surveys:

  • How well is your heat network performing?
  • Up to 75% of the generated energy is not delivered to the properties.
  • A survey will identify issues effecting efficiency and propose solutions.
  • Retention payment survey available to ensure all issues are resolved before the final sign off and payment. This is your last chance to check that everything is working correctly.

Maintenance Contractor reviews:

  • How is your maintenance contractor performing?
  • Are they helping with efficiency or costing you money?
  • Reviews identify training needs and Optimise the maintenance regime.

Other services:

  • Anaerobic digestion design experience.
  • Design support and technical advice including decarbonisation.
  • Procurement advice on product specification and suppliers.
  • Monitoring of heat networks performance and controls strategy.
  • General advice on heating systems.